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             The IMM Cologne International Furniture Show is the central meeting point for the suppliers and decision-makers
from all over the world's most important furniture markets.  On January 2013, designers and engineers from Wood.Mode, Inc attended this event for design ideas & inspiration. The Living Kitchen 2013 is one exhibit of particular design inspiration. 

                 The Living Kitchen 2013 is a conglomeration of sensuous materials with a pleasing look and feel and a strong presence, such as wood, varnish, glass, ceramics, metal, leather and stone. Colour concepts that span various materials and run through entire designs - from harmonious to refreshing to contrasting - along with a variety of unusual, exciting and innovative architectural features and built-in solutions are characteristic of the kitchens of today and tomorrow - were on display in Cologne.

                   The second edition of LivingKitchen in January 2013 was an exhibition of kitchens as never seen them before. In Cologne, the home of built-in kitchens, the top players of the kitchen industry show what they can do. There is nowhere else where modern kitchens can be experienced with this degree of intensity, concentration, depth and diversity, which means LivingKitchen 2013 is not just the international trend forum for the industry, but truly awakens the desire for new kitchens.
(Source: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küchen, e. V. (AMK), Mannheim)

A summary of Living Kitchen 2013 Trends
*    Continuing trend towards open-plan living-kitchen rooms
*    Courageous use of new, natural materials - glass, ceramic, wood
*    More convenience for the user
*    The resource efficiency of appliances is a crucial keyword
*    Modern household appliances are becoming increasingly intelligent
*    Plain or colourful - anything goes


LivingKitchen 2013 Trend Check

Trend 1: Open-plan kitchens
The kitchen furniture trend towards open-plan kitchens continues unabated throughout Europe. Seamless transitions between kitchen and living space, generous spaces and kitchen furniture designs: virtually all kitchen furniture manufacturers have meanwhile picked up on end consumer wishes and requests and are presenting kitchens that optimally unite cooking and living.

Trend 2: Greater comfort for users
Whenever consumers express wishes and requirements, it is nearly always resource efficiency along with comfort that comes top of their lists. Awkward operation, poorly-legible displays and difficult-to-clean appliances - all household appliances manufacturers are focusing on these issues. The development of hobs alone is hugely impressive and is very much in response to consumer demand. Together, energy efficiency and comfort form a perfect unit.

Trend 3: Resource efficiency
The cornerstones of the majority of new developments are energy efficiency, resource-friendliness and sustainability, starting with the power consumption of the overall appliance through to detailed, durable solutions such as the installation of LED lamps. A great example is the freezer: around one quarter of most private households' energy consumption goes towards refrigeration. For this reason, it makes all the more sense to ensure that this area has an excellent energy efficiency rating.

Trend 4: Courage to embrace new materials - glass, ceramic, wood
Another topic is the influence of certain materials on kitchen design. In many areas, glass - for instance - heavily dictates the look. The natural appearance of the overall kitchen also remains a trend, with the use of real, precious and sustainable materials, which explains the material combinations that include ceramic, glass, stainless steel and wood.

Trend 5: Intelligent household appliances
The second major topic is the networking of appliances with the entire household. And it is not just the appliance control that will be 'mobile' in future, for instance using smartphones or tablet PCs, the appliances will communicate with each other, hence supporting users with shopping and cooking.

Trend 6: Plain or colourful - both are possible
Harmony is in high demand - fitted kitchen appliances in particular cannot ignore this current trend. Generally, appliances pick up on certain fitted kitchen designs with the aim of adapting to the look of the furniture. However, some kitchen manufacturers are being courageous when it comes to colour, while others are more focused on earthy hues and shades.

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